Piracy on the high desert: Road rage dude damages the t-bird, which gets him

in trouble...






She has to go back...
Rog finds Spanish gold on a mesa,

surrounded by a sea of color in the

painted desert.






                                                                      Rog and a Hitchhiker Betty pirate a trucker who

                                                                      deserves it.  Rog gets broadcast and cinema

                                                                      quality equipment for his film.











443 Greene Ave, Brooklyn, NY. 11216 Ph. (718)963-0349

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Bullet Ballet ©2008-2012 Morrie Cramer

The Rogermobile sails through winter desert scenery,

where these incidents take place. He has prophetic dreams.

Jolly Roger drives straight through the night from New Mexico to New York...

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girl gettinginto cars

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Rog & Yvonne Leave LA with $666 exactly ...'cos money is evil.

the wild ride in the night, on the bus up the Pacific Coast Highway with the biker chick...

Roger and Yvonne plan to do a movie. They want to do a ballet on film. They will start shooting in the desert as they drive east.

Act One, begins with Roger telling his ex-girlfriend, a former ballerina, about the end of


The Bullet Ballerina jumps out in a cloud of dust and sticks a 9mm auto in his face.
Roger:  "Don't fuck with me I'm from Brooklyn". Nobody gets hurt &

proves to have the killer instinct. She dances: Piracy in retaliation is good revenge.