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Bullet Ballet ©2008 - 2012 Morrie Cramer

Keap Hope

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features sex and violins  @

Jolly Roger's studio in the

most toxic neighborhood

in the world.




                                                                                Rog meets the woman from his dreams in the desert. 

                                                                                Roger's lookin' for a Bullet Ballerina.. .

                                                                                Beautiful women want to take off their clothes for his art,

                                                                                but he can't find talent for his film.


When the Olive Oil betty chickens out in the middle of modeling for Rogers art, she uses sex to get out of it..

She temporarily dominates the story as she totally

imposes on Roger's studio, after moving in.


Roger dreams of a sweat lodge. He dreams about dog dreams, within the dream.

Bullet Ballet, end of act 2, Oglala guy from dream takes Rog to sweat lodge upstate & vision quest.


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