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                                 443 Greene Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11216 Ph. (718) 963-0349                                     

The Bullet Ballet is a self funded feature film by

sculptor Morrie Cramer. Its an anarchistic fairy

tale. Starving artist's win as pirates and their

victims all deserve it. Shot from coast to coast

with a '62 T-Bird convertible...

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PROLOGUE  Artist's pirate concept

ACT ONE  Roger's led to real piracy

ACT TWO Most toxic neighborhood in the world

ACT 3 & BEYOND Roger 5-dogs

LAST PAGE Artwork by Morrie Cramer,

Bullet Ballet Merchandise, Etc.


Bullet Ballet ©2008-2012 Morrie Cramer


cocteau:  "film will only become art when it's materials are as inexpensive as pencil & paper"

The screening of the BULLET BALLET at CGIFF got Morrie Cramer invited to exhibit at

Art Basel, Miami, 2012!