"Since my first solo show in SoHo, NY in '79—no wait, in SoHo, London in '77—I continued to exhibit through the end of the 20th century. "  

443 Greene Ave, Brooklyn, NY. 11216 Ph. (718)963-0349


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    "Soon sculptures evolved from body casts in which the models wore and manipulated gloves, shoes, lingerie, and corsets-then the corsets started to be made of chicken wire, and rope…… Such corsets manipulate and interact with the flesh. This stuff is cut off the model and left in the mould that is then poured with white gypsum cement..  After the mould is wasted, the rough cast is finished; stone fists clench real fabric, and leather that pulls into and bulges the stone (flesh).  The work got more erotic and so did my pencil drawings and collages, which I put behind [often broken] glass in stone slabs.  Art is more important than artifacts…"
Excerpt from NY Arts Magazine (click for more)

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